Our Services
We will perform any & all of the activities that involve the physical
measurement of land areas, including field surveying and data collection
operations as well as the creation of maps using existing or acquired data.
We are staffed by professional licensed land surveyors who use tools and
equipment such as global positioning (GPS) base stations and portable GPS
radio high-frequency (HF) receivers.

Title Surveys
Residential & Commercial Lot Surveys
Elevation Certificates
Residential & Commercial ALTA/Category 1-A
Boundary & Acreage Surveys (Legal Description)
As-Built/Improvement Surveys
Engineering Support
Land Planning
Final Platting & Re-Platting
Conveyance Platting
Topographic & Tree Surveys
Easements & Exhibits
Lot Staking
Construction Staking
As-Built Grading Surveys
Home Builder Support
Plot Plan & Lot Fit
Lot & House Pinning
Form Board Surveys
Elevation Certificates
LOMA Elevation Letters
Final Topographic / Drainage Survey
Slab Survey
Final As Built Surveys
Wells Land Survey, LLC
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