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A FEMA Elevation Certificate prepared by a Licensed Land
Surveyor determines the elevation of a building in
relationship to the flood plain as it relates to the Flood
Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).   This information is used to
help determine appropriate premium rates for flood
insurance. More importantly for homeowners, the
certificate of elevation can be used by property owners
seeking to remove their structure from a designated
Special Flood Hazard Area and ultimately reduce or
terminate flood insurance premiums.
Is flood insurance necessary?

Many homes do not warrant flood insurance, however due
to tougher regulations and revised flood zone maps,
lenders are requiring it. Homeowners need to be proactive
by hiring a professional land surveyor to determine if flood
insurance is really necessary.  

Can my flood insurance premiums be

Yes, it is not only possible, but highly probable that a
lower premium may be secured. Most insurance companies
compute the rate for flood insurance based on the worst
case scenario; that is, the highest possible rate. However,
if the house is elevated above the level at which the
government has determined that flooding is probable, the
insurance company can use specific elevation information
to compute a lower rate, based on a sliding scale. The
specific information necessary for rate determination is
provided on an Elevation Certificate.

Flood zone maps are changing throughout the country.
Even if you don’t have to have flood insurance now, you
may be required to have it under the new maps. That
means buildings might now be in a flood zone that weren’t
before, or they may now be in a higher-risk zone. The
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is
updating maps throughout the country to reflect current
flood risk.

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